Hello and Thank You for visiting my new website!

   I am Joshua Bobrove, a Los Angeles based Wedding and Portrait Photographer. I have been fortunate for the opportunity to travel worldwide and photograph wonderful people in amazing places. I love what I do and I love being invited into special moments in people's lives.

   I pride myself on being a positive and calm energy that absorbs the inherent tension and stress that often permeates photo shoots; I know that in order for people to have fun and relax, they have to trust their photographer and know they are in good hands.

   I have been shooting high-end weddings in the Southern California area for the past 10 years. I have learned from the best, had some amazing experiences, and have learned priceless facets of interpersonal relationships vital to being a photographer. In that light, I am the type of person people like at weddings. I am not the archetype of the quintessential photographer- I am the progressive and modern photographer that is becoming de rigueur as things progress and evolve.

   I love to like my clients, and I do. We attract in life what we put out into the universe, and I have had wonderful clients. Part of my job is getting to know people, engage them, and make them feel comfortable. This yields far better ultimate results and makes things so much more fun, and allows for a far deeper photo than merely skin deep. It is not enough to be a technically and artistically great photographer- this is only one side of the coin; the yang in the equation is the personality of the person behind the camera and their ability to interact with the person in front of the lens.

   It is not always easy! Most people with whom I work are not professional models and are not always super comfortable working the camera and vamping and being a star. Those who are, are great; those who are not are a fun challenge. Either way, it is my nature to help them feel comfortable and to draw out of them the beauty within as it reads on their face and in their eyes.

   I pride myself on my technical expertise, my creative and crafty eye, and my ability to work well with most everyone in most every situation in a diplomatic and professional way. I am someone people like to work with and like to stay in touch with.

   I stay in touch with most people with whom I have worked. I have, so far, in 10 years of shooting professionally, not had one couple who's wedding I shot, that I know of, split up.

   Please get in touch with me and feel free to contact me for any reason or for any type of advice. I am a great resource for information and am happy to talk shop with anyone.

   Thank You!

         Joshua Bobrove