:: Joubin & Vahishta :: Engagement Sitting :: Lake Tahoe, CA ::

It's always great when you can share your love of something together. Joubin & Vahishta both love skiing. They own a house in Lake Tahoe where they go regularly to ski together. They invited me to their home in Tahoe one winter day for a totally unique, fun, and freezing Engagement Sitting. 

I offer Engagement Sittings as part of all my Wedding Packages. It's a great way to get to know each other, work together, and get comfortable prior to the wedding day. Joubin and Vahishta and I spent the day running around Tahoe, getting wet, getting snowy, and freezing our butts off!! I was dressed warm, but all that warm weather clothing is hardly sexy or photogenic- so poor Vahishta's feet were frozen by the end of the day, she ran around in heels! They were both so great to work with, so accommodating and friendly, and best thank you to me- a life time place to stay in Lake Tahoe!

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