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Debbie & Colter are getting married at Aliso Creek Inn in Laguna Beach. They are a super fun, super positive and enlightening couple who also happen to love Alpacas. I wasn't familiar with these gentle creatures before going to Shiloh Springs Ranch for their Engagement Shoot.

We left at dawn and all drove together, stopping along the way to shoot some sunrise pictures in Caspers Regional Park. Should the worldwide bee population continue to dwindle, I think I know where they are all hiding, in Caspers Regional Park! No bee shortage there!

We continued on to Shiloh Springs Ranch, where Nancy & Richard Masak made us feel very welcome and at home. The Alpacas are such funny creatures, they have dense fur that is great for warm clothing, much like wool, but warmer. They're cute and you just want to pet them and pinch and kiss their cute faces but they spit and aren't real keen on being pinched or kissed so I respected their boundaries and just smiled. Debbie & Colter were so cute together and it was a great shoot. They didn't mind the pinching and kissing at all, and fortunately no one ended up spitting...

I designed this fun guest book using Debbie & Colter's Engagement Sitting pictures, leaving room for friends and family to write nice notes in at their wedding coming up in October...! Check it out!!