:: So-Young & Sung :: Engagement Sitting :: Downtown LA ::

   So-Young & Sung planned their Engagement Sitting date well in advance, it being the only Sunday they would both be in town and available before their Wedding in June. We talked about ideas and they wanted to do a shoot in Downtown LA. As we got closer to Sunday, the forcast called for rain, but due to the fact that this was the only good day for them, we went ahead with it, knowing it would be unique and fun despite the weather.

  We were in for a surprise!! This wasn't ordinary LA rain, this was torrential downpours and sideways wind, it was cold, and it was laughably funny how windy and rainy it turned out to be.

  So-Young and Sung were good sports and we braved the cold and rain and found some really colorful and moody places to shoot. We went to China Town, Union Station, the Japanese Cultural Center, the Bradbury Building, and various other spots we found. It was fun and we sure made the best out of what could have been a bad situation- we sure did end up turning lemons into lemonaid!

If you'd like to see So-Young & Sung's Engagement Sitting in its entirity, click HERE.