:: Whitney & Drew :: Engagement Sitting :: Santa Barbara ::

Whitney & Drew and I all met in Lompoc, piled into Drew's pickup, and headed out on adventure. We had an appointment later in the afternoon at Firestone Vineyards for wine tasting, so we decided to cruise there and find spots to shoot on the way. We found a cool spot right across the street to the main entrance to Vandenberg Air Force Base where we asked permission to shoot within eyesight of the main gate. There was too much Poison Oak, so we got back on the road and found and found another cool spot, right across the street from the Lompoc Federal Prison. We played in the trees while prisoners across the street walked the yard, and then got the heck out of there. We kept going and found more places to shoot, and eat, and drink wine... We spent the afternoon getting to know each other, talk about the wedding, and have fun out in the intense Santa Barbara sun.

We made our way to Firestone and we all had a little wine tasting experience. It is fantastic wine by the way, I highly recommend a visit. Then we drove to Lincourt Winery for some more wine tasting. 

Lincourt was so much fun! We had a great time, had a lot of great wine, a lot of great conversation, we climbed some trees, we tried to break into lakes, we crossed No-Crossing signs, we snuck onto people's vineyards, and rode bikes on their long curved driveways... It was a day of adventures and laughs.