:: Michelle & Alon :: Wedding Album ::

Michelle & Alon got married on a perfect day in Santa Monica, CA at Casa del Mar.

The following are the pages of their Wedding Album. It was designed as an 11x14" Magazine Style Album, where the entire page is photographic paper. All the pages except the first and last are 2 side by side, left and right, page spreads. The book is 22x14" when opened.

It came out great... Click the link below to see the Album Pages...

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:: Daniel & Hae Jin :: Wedding Album ::

Daniel & Hae Jin were married in Virginia. I love to travel, and destination weddings are the best. We had a great time going fully dressed into Washington D.C. and shoot around the monuments. They also had a traditional Korean Pae Baek ceremony towards the end of their wedding ceremony.

They live in Los Angeles with their new baby boy named Joshua

Here is their wedding album design-- Click the link below to see the pages...

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