:: a hot beach shoot with Joey & Lauren :: El Matador :: Malibu, Ca ::

Lauren asked me to do a shoot with her and Joey on rather short notice. She explained that she wanted the shoot to be modeled after those sex sellsArmani ads she had seen in magazines. We shot one Summer morning on the beach and got some really hot images.......

We decided to shoot at El Matador State Beach in Malibu. We shot in the morning, a time of day that is usually not good to shoot on the beach due to the overhead sun, but we were lucky and had overcast skies with intermittent sunlight shining thru. I shot this all available light, only using a reflector to pop light in on some shots (thanks to a helpful makeup artist) and I think it really came out hot. There was definite chemistry and electricity between Joey & Lauren, and it's always fun shooting on the beach in California.