:: Wedding :: Jennifer & JR :: Calistoga Ranch :: Napa, Ca ::

Jennifer & JR got married August 6th, 2010 at Calistoga Ranch in Napa, CA. If you have never been to Calistoga Ranch or Napa, do yourself a favor and GO! Napa is especially beautiful in the Fall when all of the leaves are turning... Theirs was an especially unique wedding...


I've known Jen for years. She is the close cousin of a friend of mine, Harmony Walton of The Bridal Bar, a most excellent bridal resource boutique in Southern California. Jen has her own amazing companies: Jennifer Adams Design Group & Jennifer Adams Home. Jennifer Adams Design Group specializes in various residential and commercial design, remodel, and space planning projects. And Jennifer Adams Home offers what very well might be the perfect sleep experience in their highly researched sleeping ensamble- including bed sheets, blankets, duvet covers, mattress topers, pillows, pillow-cases, and even mattresses! (and lots of the pictures on her websites are mine...!)

I've done various shoots with Jen over the years on different projects and was so glad to be a part of her truely unique wedding! Intimate is the one word I would choose if I had to choose one word to describe Jen & JR's wedding. There were 12 couples in attendance- Intimate!! If you want to have the wedding of your dreams, get out of town and invite only the closest of your close friends and family (and me) and indulge!

It was an extraordinarily hot day in Napa, but nothing the Dom Perignon on ice couldn't quench. Jen's sister past away years ago so Heidi Johnson of De Tailor sewed her sister's name, Erica, into the base of Jen's custom Kirstie Kelly Couture wedding dress so she would be by Jen's side all day, a special touch that meant a lot to Jen. She'd forgotten her something blue so Harmony came thru with some blue I Do stickers which she stuck to the bottom of Jen's Jimmy Choo shoes.

Jen & JR saw each other before the Ceremony giving us a chance to run around the property and have fun and giving them the opportunity to enjoy the day together rather than apart until after the ceremony (hint hint nudge nudge, its a great idea to see each other prior to the ceremony! you get to enjoy the day together!!)

The Ceremony was officiated by a good friend of theirs and witnessed by the closest of their close friends and family. They closed the ceremony by releasing butterflys, though I think the shock of the sudden light and heat kept them right where they were in their cool white box... though they did eventually flutter away one by one, and land on everything and everyone near by...


One long table was set for their guests and everyone ate and drank together, able to talk and see each other over the tasteful table florals. Dessert was a surprise, everyone got their own individual wedding cake created by Perfect Endings.

All in all a perfect day which I was so happy to be a part of. I'll close with this: I had to leave Napa that night to drive back to LA for a wedding I had the next day, so I said good bye to everyone as they were talking with wine over dessert. Jen and JR were kind enough to thank me and toast me to everyone, and I received a warm round of applause... fortunately it was dark and no one could see me blushing...


Thank you Jen & JR for such an amazing experience!!

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